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C.A. Jones, Inc

We provide contracting services to the Industrial and Marine sector. Our diverse workforce is proven and has a track record of success. 

Great pay, benefits & stability

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What people are saying about us

"Tonya and CA Jones have been a pleasure to deal with over the years. They understand our business and respond to our needs quickly. I highly recommend you give them a try when recruiting personnel for daily and specialty applications. "

Mike Tonguis

Buck Kreis Marine & Industrial Marine Service Repair

"I like working for C.A. Jones because it is a very reliable company to work for. The Staff is always super helpful and treats their employees with the upmost respect. I have referred several friends and fellow tradesmen.”  

Roger Hernandez


“Working with this company has been an absolute pleasure! Their dedication to delivering high-quality products coupled with exceptional customer service is truly commendable.  I’ve been consistently impressed by their professionalism and commitment to meet our staffing needs.”

Kristi Rowe

Metal Trades

C.A. Jones is great to work for due to their professionalism, kindness, and the way they take care of their employees. They always maintain closeness and human contact (face to face) which is lacked nowadays. They make you feel like family.”

David Anthony

1st Class Insulator